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On October 1, Bayern Munich and Dortmund will start their battle for the German Super Cup championship. At the press conference before the game, Flick talked about signings, lineup rotation, player physical strength, and goalkeeper position.


I cannot reply to this question. In fact, we are very satisfied with Nubel. He is an excellent goalkeeper and we are very happy to have him. We have to train tomorrow, and then I will make the final decision.


At present, no one has come to tell me that he needs a break. This season is a huge challenge, but it is the same for all teams that need to play international games and have international football. We only took a short break, so the situation is different. But the team's mentality is very strong. Maybe one or two people in the past or now feel tired, but they will still use all their strength on the court. The same goes for Hoffenheim. It is a pity that we have some guidelines that have not been well implemented: (we need more) a little depth and security. We have made it very clear that at Bayern we want to behave differently. But everyone has done enough self-criticism and knows this. Now that game is over, we are now focusing on the game against Dortmund. We want to win.


This is currently not a topic. They both trained today, and I also think that both of them will be on the big list tomorrow. The situation before the transfer window closes is always difficult. But I want to emphasize that Salihamidzic and I do have common ideas. We know that the epidemic has made the environment difficult. We must take understanding and take meaningful actions. The transfer window does not end until October 5.


The sports management team will make relevant suggestions and I am also involved. Then there are relevant people who will assess whether this plan is financially feasible. I am not nervous about this. Salihamidzic and his team are doing very well. They try their best. My mind is very good, let's wait and see. This season is unusual, we will have a game every three or four days. The internationals have three more games on the International Match Day. These must be taken into consideration.

运动管理团队将提出相关建议,我也参与其中。然后会有相关人员来评估该计划在财务上是否亚搏手机版官方登录可行。我对此并不紧张。 Salihamidzic和他的团队做得很好。他们尽力而为。我的心很好,让我们拭目以待。这个赛季很不寻常,我们每三四天就会有一场比赛。国际比赛日国际比赛还有三场比赛。必须考虑这些。

Usually this competition is held before the start of the season, this year is different. This is definitely a national derby. Dortmund has an excellent, very young team, but their team also has experienced players. They can play attractive football and are very strong offensively. I like this very much. We can compete with the best teams in Germany. This game will take us further.


Young players need to learn every day. Chris has great prerequisites: He is good at handling the ball, fast, and a good header. He must continue to improve and hone his skills. He deserves to play for a while.


They will make each team's game difficult. However, we have proved our ability in the past and have played against many different lineup systems, and we can successfully win the game.


The game against Dortmund has always been tense. In the second half of last season, we won except for Leipzig. This is a good prerequisite. The game against Dortmund will only be more difficult. I really like the style and way that Favre showed.


It will be easier for the teenagers to play against Schalke than against Hoffenheim. The competition with the latter is very intense. I observe them on the training ground every day and they are doing very well. They are all on the right path.


I read the relevant reports and also know which coach left. I understand Wagner (Schalke coach) very much, and I feel sorry about it. I can't say anything about it, nor will I comment on it. This is our own business.


If there is a player who can score like Harland, someone will naturally compare. Dortmund's 3-0 game at Borussia, he stood behind the goal post at first, then sprinted forward for 95 meters, rewriting the score to 3-0. His desire to score goals is very big and very energetic. it's great. His ability is very strong. Being able to perform well for years is very important, but he is on the right track. He manages his body very well. He is entering the ranks of the best shooters in the world. For me, Lewand is definitely the best shooter in the world.


There is no easy time in life. The Super Cup is part of German football and we will work hard to win the game.


Do you think I look nervous? In addition to the first team of players, there are also some youth players who have left the team. They have also trained with us for a long time, such as Oliver Meyer and Singh. But for them, this is the next step in their careers, which is absolutely necessary. We will wait until October 5th and I am very confident. We have world-class players, they also have their own goals, and so does the coaching team. We want to compete, we want to win. We just won the Triple Crown. The game last weekend made us very angry.

你觉得我看起来紧张吗?除了第一阵容的球员,还有一些青年球员已经离开了球队。他们也与我们一起训练了很长时间,例如奥利弗·迈耶(Oliver Meyer)和辛格(Singh)。但是对于他们来说,这是他们职业生涯的下一步,这是绝对必要的。我们将等到10月5日,我对此很有信心。我们拥有世界一流的球员,他们也有自己的目标,教练团队也有自己的目标。我们要竞争,我们要赢。我们刚刚赢得了三冠王。上周末的比赛使我们非常生气。

We have the German Cup on October 15th and the Bundesliga on October 17th. Prior to this there was a German team game. We have to see how the arrangements are appropriate.


We have Neuer, the best goalkeeper in the world, and two outstanding substitute goalkeepers. In this case, it is easy for the coach to rotate. But every player wants to play. We must look at the relevant obstacles and make careful considerations. You have to negotiate with the coaching team of the national team how to overcome obstacles. Communication is very helpful, as is the communication with the German Football Association.


The national team has its own goals. Of course our players also want to play for the national team. I am very grateful that in September, Loew gave many of our players the opportunity to rest, as did the French team. This is not only about the German team, we have to exchange views with everyone. So we need to communicate as much as possible to achieve everyone's goals.


Do not! Neuer will be the starting goalkeeper. Ulreich's performance in the past is very commendable. If you know that there is a world-class goalkeeper in front of you, but you can still come up with top performances every day, this makes Ulreich outstanding. I am very satisfied with him and Nubel.

不要!诺伊尔将成为首发门将。 Ulreich过去的表现非常值得称赞。如果您知道前面有世界一流的门将,但是您仍然可以每天拿出最好的表现,这将使Ulreich脱颖而出。我对他和Nubel非常满意。

I always look for the positive side of things. Of course I want to win. It was a game for Peter Hoffman (Chairman Hoffenheim, passed away on September 5 this year). He left too early. I hope he will watch the game in the sky. Have fun watching it. He will definitely be happy for Hoffenheim's performance. We analyzed the competition and training. The content of our training will be presented in the game. Every player is precisely arranged and able to perform related duties. Everyone must focus on completing their tasks. Every starting player can do it. We lost the game, but we also had a very successful period before. I can trust the abilities of every player.

我一直在寻找事物的积极方面。我当然想赢。这是彼得·霍夫曼(Peter Hoffman)的比赛(主席霍芬海姆(Hoffenheim),于今年9月5日去世)。他太早离开了。我希望他会在空中观看比赛。玩得开心看。他一定会为霍芬海姆的表现感到高兴。我们分析了比赛和训练。我们训练的内容将在游戏中呈现。每个球员都经过精心布置,能够执行相关职责。每个人都必须专注亚搏手机版官方登录于完成任务。每个新手都能做到。我们输掉了比赛,但之前也有一段非常成功的时期。我可以相信每个球员的能力。

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